Help Your Family Celebrate Advent and Honor Jesus

Each year, my family and I celebrate Advent and the coming of Jesus. By myself, too often I get tied up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season and waste time. Advent reminds me that time is precious - especially time with my young children. This free ebook helps my family take a few moments each day and celebrate the coming of Christ. I hope it does the same for your family.

In celebration of the Advent season and the deep joy that comes with celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, we've created this free eBook to help you celebrate Christmas with your family in a way that goes deeper than bright lights and fancy presents.

Each week you will experience Advent with a Scripture verse, devotional and family activity to give you an opportunity to talk about:

  • HOPE: Reflecting on the Good News of Jesus Christ and learning to put others first
  • PEACE: Reflecting on the Angel's visit to Mary and making a clay angel
  • JOY: Reflecting on God's love for all people and making a typical treat from Guatemala
  • LOVE: Reflecting on the birth of Jesus and making a wreath

Join me and celebrate Christmas with a Scripture and devotional that focuses on Jesus, our LIGHT OF THE WORLD!

P.S. Your kids are going to love the activities!

Download Free Advent eBook