Meet Melany 

Melany is a 9-year-old girl who lives in Peru with her mother, father and two siblings. Melany has been a sponsored child with FH for almost four years. Just like you make a difference for your sponsored child, Melany’s sponsor has deeply affected her life.

Before FH entered Melany’s community, families were torn apart under the burden of generational poverty. The rising unemployment rate, economic stresses and a deep-rooted cultural acceptance of violence against women led to hostile homes for both the parents and children. Children often felt abandoned and unloved. The violence exercised between parents often trickled down into the interactions with their children, leaving relationships broken and families disassembled.

Children surrounded by violence in the home would typically fall into two groups: they would react with outbursts of violence themselves, simply acting in ways that had been displayed for them, or they would retreat becoming quiet and reserved. Melany was the latter.

Before FH entered the community, Melany’s family was fractured by violence. Melany’s mother was frustrated and stressed. She had a difficult time disciplining or communicating with her children without the use of physical force. Melany felt ignored.

Once FH began working in Melany’s community, her mother became a part of the training provided by FH staff. There she learned how to interact with her children without the use of violence or raising her voice. She learned that her actions would affect generations to come and she had the power to create a loving and healthy environment for her family now. Melany’s mother is now a leader in her local cascade group, teaching other mothers in her community what she has learned through FH.

Today Melany is thriving! She participates actively in school and children’s programs. When she grows up, she wants to be a doctor and help teach children about God’s love. Her family is together and living in harmony.

Melany, her family and her entire community could have remained under the weight of violence and disunity continuing for generations to come, but because of friends like you, FH was able to walk with them in overcoming their greatest challenges. It’s because of sponsors like you, that we can end poverty in communities like Melany’s.

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